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General Corporate

Providing strategic advice and guidance on organization for setting up of business presence including all necessary permits/ registrations/licenses for your business presence in Indonesia; Advising board of directors on a wide range of corporate governance and strategic matters for compliance with laws and regulations in Indonesia; Providing business-focused advice on key strategic and structuring issues including tax and intellectual property; Drafting and reviewing any contracts for your business transactional needs.

Merger & Acquisition

Representing client in merger and acquisition transactions of all types and sizes; Working with public and private companies and other professionals on strategic transactions including share and assets acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations; Conducting due diligence; Drafting and documenting all transactional documents related to mergers and acquisitions including all necessary permits/ registrations for pre and post mergers and acquisitions.

Finance & Tax

Representing lenders or borrowers with respect to structuring, documenting, administering and restructuring financing;

Representing clients in tax disputes.


Handling criminal case from the Police to the level of investigation in Courts throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;

Civil case management either by consensus or through a court process in the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


Providing advice to clients on any manpower matters under Indonesian laws and regulations; Assisting clients in drafting and documenting employment contracts, company regulation, and other employment documents including mandatory reports and registrations; Obtaining work permits and stay permits for expatriates, who work in Indonesia; Handling labor issues, either by consensus or through a process in the Industrial Relations Court in the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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